The Race to Beat Diabetes, an annual event, is currently in its 13th edition and has already
  raised R$ 2.201.741,00.    
The first five editions were held to help build the Institute for Children with Diabetes.
The others were held to develop projects that include Education in Diabetes, Treatment
(with access to new technologies), and Social Assistance for patients and family members.
The Race is not about winning, and every participant wins a medal for completing, running
or walking, the 4.5km challenge for our children and adolescents with diabetes. 25 to 30
thousand T-shirts are purchased by the community during the promotion.
The 13th Race to Beat Diabetes relies on the sponsorship of companies that are the biggest
partners of the Children with Diabetes Institute. This edition of the race raised the total net
amount of R$ 300.000,00.
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