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The eagle gently pushes her baby eagles towards the edge of the nest. Her motherly heart
speeds up with conflicting emotions, while she feels the resistance from her baby eagles to her
persistent pushing:
“Why must the thrill of flying start with the fear of falling?” she thought. This ancient question had
not been answered for her yet…
According to the tradition of the species, the nest was placed at the very top of a rocky summit; below the nest there was only the abyss
and the air to sustain the baby eagles’ wings.
“What if this doesn‘t work just now?” she thought.
In spite of her fear, the eagle knew that was the right moment. Her motherly mission was about to be fulfilled. There was one task
remaining… the final push.
The eagle used the courage from her inner wisdom. Until her baby eagles discover their wings, there will be no purpose to their lives.
Until they learn how to fly, they will not understand the privilege of being born an eagle.
Pushing them was the biggest gift she could ever give them. It was her ultimate act of love. So, one by one she pushed them down
the abyss… and they flew!
Extracted from the book “Qualidade Começa em Mim” [Quality Begins with Me]
Dr. Tom Chung
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